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Site updates, and puzzles I have recently ordered or received...

February 2005
I have obtained several old-time tanglement puzzles and a sliding-piece puzzle:

dog collar tangle disk and ring tangle boot and flask tangle Automobile sliding puzzle

A Roundy:  Roundy    A REMCO Frustration Ball (dexterity puzzle):  REMCO Frustration Ball

A group of Rubik's Cube-type puzzles (mainly for the Hexagon 6 piece):  Rubik's lot with Hexagon

Jerry Slocum's new Tangram book:  Slocum's Tangrams book    A nut and bolt (I'm hoping it is interesting):  nut and bolt

A 2-drawer trick box:  2-drawer trick box

January 29 2005 - The New York Puzzle Party

Tom Cutrofello hosted a puzzle party in New York city. There were about 30 attendees, with presentations on various topics throughout the day, puzzle swapping and buying/selling, and puzzle talk. I had a great time and got to meet several "puzzle celebrities." Kudos to Tom for organizing and pulling off a very pleasant event!

I brought along a selection of duplicates and other items for show and trade, and was able to pick up some fun additions to my collection:

From Jurg and Karin von Kaenel:

Karin's Star Cluster 3-piece packing puzzle [see IPP 24 entries]  Karin's Outline Burr Karin's Outline Burr  Burr in a Cube 1 Burr in a Cube

From Rick Eason:

Myopic Doves Myopic Doves pieces Myopic Doves   Tricky Dick Tricky Dick   Keyhole Keyhole

From Norman Sandfield:

Conundrum/Enigma [Jaap's Enigma page]  Thomasball [Thomas-ball official site]  [Jaap's page] 

Frantix [John Rausch's Frantix page]  Gram's Cube Snafooz-like cubes

From Henry Strout:

Slot Machine

From Saul Bobroff:

Drop In

January 2005 - Happy New Year!

I received new Dogics from Meffert's! They're offering several types of coloring. I got a type I and II.

Meffert's Dogic I Meffert's Dogic II

I finally found a Screw Loose. I had one of these as a kid. Screw Loose

Other auction wins:

Beat the Computer 783 Synergistics Chiclets yellow The Chase Reiss 1971 Daffy Dots Massage Ball Perfect Squares Phony Baloney cereal prize Rings of Ming Robin Turner Devil's Marble Two Cubes Dragon String

eLogic Cmetrick Too Ordered a Cmetrick Too from eLogIQ. One went for over $35 in auction, but they're $22 with shipping from the manufacturer's site.

Laker Cubes pieces Laker Cubes package Nitty Gritty Xylinder Synergistics New York Times Geometrex Ormazd Geometrex Nabucho
William Waite - Double Cross I received a "Double Cross" (without the tray) from William Waite (Nemmelgeb Murr). I think I actually prefer it without the tray - the pieces mate tightly and seem like they would be difficult to manipulate if they were in a tray.

December 2004

Cornered Cube For Christmas, my sister got me a Cornered Cube from Wallingford Toy Works.

Auction wins:

Brain Benders Timbers Reiss Train Hix Brix Bug House

Received this lot of 8 plastic puzzles and 1 hand-made paper geometric solid figure: plastic lot


An auction lot of Springbok puzzles, including Moebies, Right Connections, and Fitting & Proper:

Springbok lot Springbok Right Connections Springbok Fitting & Proper

Some Geo-Logic puzzles: Skor-Mor Geo-Logic lot also a Geo-logic 2-in-1: Geo-logic 2-in-1

From Cubic Dissection, I received a cocobolo Octo-Burr made by Mark McCallum: Octo-Burr

A bunch of auction items:

Hungarian Rings Stickler Trickbox Hubley Pyramystery Uncle's Puzzles - Compaq special Dodeca Nona - Nob Japan Spinout puzzle box Pepsi Can sliding puzzle Reiss Equilibrium Hippo Haven Pressman Think Through

An auction lot, from the US, including a Dovetail: wooden lot

Reiss' Burger Thing and Prankfurter:

Burger Thing - Reiss Burger Thing - Reiss Prankfurter - Reiss Prankfurter - Reiss

A couple of new books: Czech puzzle book Antologica Berrocal

November 2004

An auction lot, from Japan, including Masudaya's Face Four and Circus Seven: lot from Japan

Another lot, including Mag-Nif's Tut's Tomb: lot including Tut's Tomb

A bunch of auction items:

Digi-Disc Mattel Brain Drains - Profound Round and Mangle Quadrangle Synergistics - Cracker Jack Cadaco Cluster - Doodles pagoda Piston Box - B and P Orbix Gripple

I got these two a while ago in an auction lot, but I only just got around to adding them...

burr pendant small cube

I received a "Multisphere" from This turns out to be a Scorpius - 6 identical pieces. Unfortunately the fit and finish are not very good.

Multisphere Multisphere

This is the Arjeu CT16 burr - including container, Arjeu product sheet, and solution! Arjeu CT16

Atomic Chaos UFO - Gerdig Virtual Illusion - Mattel Waddington's puzzles Steiffel Tower Alex Randolph's Moebies - Springbok 1973 Dool-O-Rinth yellow

This lot seems to include a Zwaalustaart (dovetail coin box)... lot

I found another Synergistics puzzle - the Pepsi Can bank. The principle is similar to the Wheaties box.

Pepsi Can bank - Synergistics Pepsi Can bank - Synergistics Pepsi Can bank - Synergistics

October 2004 (Man, Sept. went by fast!)

Double Monad (Yin-Yang) - BandP Bits and Pieces is now selling the Double Monad by Doug Engel.

Magna-Tease 25 Ghosts Starry Skies - Toyo (Mike Green) Tongari Kun and Roppongi - Toyo (Mike Green) Shot You - Toyo (Mike Green) Cadaco - Doodles Bottle 3 - Eureka Amazin' Marble Die

Stickman Box No. 5 I bought Robert Yarger's Stickman Box No. 5 from

Ruby's Triangle Nob - Ovals Loony Loop Log Pile Great Pyramid Computer Puzzle (heart) Naef Puzzle (knobs)

Skyscraper Skyscraper Lock - Forum Novelties HCP1 - Obsivac Skor Mor Cube Jackpot - Mefferts Olistripe SVGames delayed and delayed - so I cancelled my order with them and ordered an Olistripe from TerrificToys.

September 2004

Lot 1 Lot 2 Tamura 12 pc box Tamura 12 pc box Binary Arts Hexadecimal Hectix - RWB Hectix - Green Hectix - White Stickler Hi-Q Enigma Cadaco Sports 16 pc packing Cube 2 Tee Bar Cmetrick Adams puzzles Masudaya Geo-Logic Cetus and Tauri

I have received all of these items. The Tamura 12-piece box is great! Even the inner cube is a puzzle and opens.

Auction wins:

Heartwood See-Saw Box Heartwood Rock-It Box Heartwood Terra Box Synergistics LifeSavers Wild Cherry Kwazy Quilt Hershey's Kiss Hoberman Brain Twist Catch 21 Chinese Burrs

All received. Catch 21 is a cool logical-progression puzzle.

It's August!

Received "Pack 6" from Eric Fuller at

Pack 6 Pack 6

Ordered from Bits and Pieces (have recieved all except the Kamei Key Box):

6 Key Mine - B and P Kamei Secret Key Box - B and P Constantin Box - B and P Slider Puzzle - B and P Slider Box - B and P

Received from Mefferts:

Netblock UFO - Mefferts Drives You Crazy - Mefferts Creative Ball (black) - Mefferts

Auction wins:

Obsivac Cube 1 Obsivac Cube 3 Obsivac UFO Rubik's Rings Master Ed. Chaotic Cube

Auction wins:

Colorcube huge collection hexagon Rubik's Magic Satan's Stirrup Xeon

From the gift shop at Old Sturbridge Village, a few tanglements by
Bungler's Block Hell's Bells Madman's Maze

From Funagain, I received a couple of IQ Collection puzzles, Mosaic and Citadel:
Mosaic Citadel

I found a couple of great toy/hobby shops in my area. Each of them carries some puzzles. From Necker's (see my Links page), I bought some tanglements:
Great American Trading Co.
These are made by
Puzzlemaster, Canada - Annihilator Puzzlemaster, Canada - Derringer Puzzlemaster, Canada - Mirror Image Puzzlemaster, Canada - Scorpion Puzzlemaster, Canada - Scorpion's Sting

I also got a set of magnetic pyramidal blocks called Funangles: Funangles

July 2004 - Happy Fourth!

We went to the southern seacoast of Maine for a little vacation. In Perkins Cove, I found several neat shops. I picked up a put-together Lionfish and Seahorse Lionfish and Seahorse

Auction wins:
Cadaco Cluster Puzzle #4 Make-Up Mattel Force Field Synergistics Chiclets Ball Pyramid (eq. to Pyramystery) SOMA cubes

A Berrocal Mini-David:
Berrocal Mini-David Berrocal Mini-David Berrocal Mini-David

The remaining Hanayama puzzles I didn't have:
Hanayama Bike Hanayama Heart Hanayama Ring 2 Hanayama W-U
From Lee Valley, a Puzzle Padlock: Lee Valley Puzzle Padlock
A Berrocal Mini-Maria: Berrocal Mini-Maria Berrocal Mini-Maria Berrocal Mini-Maria
More auction wins:
Missing Marble
Missing Marble
Pep-O-Mint LifeSavers
Pep-O-Mint LifeSavers
Spears MultiPuzzle
Spears MultiPuzzle

See updated WishList and HomeMade pages...
Received from IP, a Pieces of Eight Pieces of Eight Pieces of Eight
Yin-Yang Ball Ying-Yang Ball
From Michail Toulouzas, a Ribbon Keyvos Ribbon Keyvos
Hanayama L'Oeuf Hanayama L'Oeuf Baroq Hanayama Baroq and Dolce Hanayama Dolce
These are each substantial in size and heft - moreso than I had thought looking at the pictures!

All six of the "Marine" puzzles: Hanayama Coral Hanayama Penta Hanayama Tails Hanayama Crab Hanayama Fin Hanayama Tie

June 2004

Received from Hessport's Rubik Shop,
Rubik's Bricks Rubik's Rings Rubik's Shells
Well, I finally did it! I acquired a couple of Berrocal puzzle-sculptures!
Here is Portrait de Michele:
Portrait de Michele Portrait de Michele
Portrait de Michele Portrait de Michele
Here is Mini-Zoraida:
Mini-Zoraida Mini-Zoraida
Mini-Zoraida Mini-Zoraida

From Dad, a VenusSchlussel (Venus Key) from the Lilliput Motor Company
Venus Key in package Venus Key exploded Venus Key exploded Venus Key solved
From an acquaintance in Japan, 4 Hanayama Cast puzzles:
NEWSNEWS, Biolon (Violin)Violin, DiskDisk, Spiraland Spiral.
Some auction wins:
MB Drive Ya Nuts
Trying to recover some childhood puzzles
like this Drive Ya Nuts
started a binge...
Phony Baloney
I found a Phony Baloney!
Instant Insanity
Instant Insanity
is another blast from the past
Kohner Even Steven
Even Steven by Kohner
Kohner Hi-Q
Hi-Q by Kohner
Kohner Kwazy Quilt
Kohner Kwazy Quilt
Reiss Licorice Stix
Reiss 1974 Licorice Stix
Reiss Licorice Stix pieces
Licorice Stix
pieces include:
#1, #1024, #256, #928, #975, #824
Reiss Equilibrium
Reiss 1974 Equilibrium
Reiss Star
Reiss 1974 Star
Reiss Torment
Reiss 1974 Torment
Woodn't Cross
Woodn't Cross
kumiki marked "Japan"
1950's Zenith tanglements
1950's Zenith tanglements instructions
1950's Zenith tanglements
1950's Zenith tanglements instructions
1950's Zenith tanglements
1950's Zenith tanglements
icosahedron pieces
I got a misc. lot of 8 puzzles
one of which was a set of 21 triangular pieces
many of which are damaged
icosahedron built
20 of them fit together to form
an icosahedron
one piece is left over
I believe this is an incomplete "Trilogix"
which has 24 pieces.
The lot included
one peg on the lower
right disk is broken
square in case
4-piece square in case
was also included
One Way
One Way
was included
the case is cracked
The other puzzles in the lot of 8 included: Mag-Nif's The Brain, Diamond, and Apple, and Something's Fishy. The latter 3 were each missing a piece.
Pressman ThinkSquare
Pressman ThinkSquare
Nice Cubes
Nice Cubes
Kadon Rombix
Kadon Rombix
Double Knuckles
Double Knuckles
Figments in box
Cadaco Cluster - Figments
Figments built
Cadaco Cluster - Figments
36 piece packing puzzle
36 piece packing puzzle
Soma/Star/Snake set
Soma/Star/Snake set
4 piece tanglements
4 piece tanglements set
Ancient Key
Ancient Key
DaMert Go-Getter 3
DaMert Go-Getter 3
NAEF Gemini
NAEF Gemini
Ten Pins
Ten Pins
Wheaties box
Wheaties box
Ring and Bolt
Ring and Bolt

From auction, some rearrangement puzzles I was missing:
Rubikfan Double
Rubikfan Double
Rubikfan Triple
Rubikfan Triple
Missing Link
Missing Link (2)
Rubik's Tower

Received a Rainbow Cube from Tyler Robbins' The Puzzle Store (see the Twisty Puzzle site): Rainbow Cube

May 2004

Updated my "allother" and links pages.
Ordered from SVGames:

Olistripe Olizoid Olizoid Olizoid

I received the Olizoid but evidently the Olistripe is backordered.

Received from

Kinato Puzzle Blocks Tricky Disky Zen Blocks

Received from AreYouGame:

Block By Block Handy Mad Triad Mad Triad Raging Rapids Square By Square

Updated my Assembly/Packing/Dissection page.
Received from Meffert's (after I finally figured out how to use their PayPal system!) the following rearrangement puzzles:
Bandaged Cube - Mefferts Pyramorphix - Mefferts Skewb Diamond - Mefferts Skewb Ultimate - Mefferts Tetraminx - Mefferts
Received from Bits and Pieces:
Prison Block - BandP Packing Arrows - BandP
Received from William Waite:
Waite's Wonder - William Waite Waite's Wonder - William Waite

He's out of the Mayan Calendar - I've substituted a StellarBurr instead: Stellar Burr

I've updated my Interlocking and Hidden-mechanism/Bolts/Locks/Boxes pages. And I've also been busy adding to my collection...
Received from Funagain Games:
"Der Fluch des Pharao" by Markus Goetz Der Fluch des Pharao BackSpin BackSpin and Culax, also by Goetz Culax
Received from Games Unlimited:
Log Stacker
Log Stacker
Rubik's Snake
Rubik's Snake
Stormy Seas
Stormy Seas
Rush Hour 2 Expansion
Rush Hour 2 expansion
Rush Hour 4 Expansion
Rush Hour 4 expansion
This was out of stock :-(

Received from Davan's, a Rojo: Rojo This is a very nice looking puzzle, using highly figured and colorful woods with a nice finish - just as I prefer! Also a fun construction.
Received from, Crazy Cube: Crazy Cube Money Miser: Money Miser Possibly Possible: Possibly Possible
Received from, some of their "European Puzzles" (actually by Vaclav Obsivac):
Cross in Ball
Cross in Ball
Twister 1
Twister 1

Received from, Oskar's Matchboxes: Oskar's Matchboxes here they are disassembled: Oskar's Matchboxes
They're not really matchboxes - the "interior" pieces are solid, not hollow boxes. Also, not all interiors fit easily into all containers and the ends have obvious saw marks with overall finish being mediocre. Still, I am happy to have them and the puzzle is fairly challenging. The solution configuration does fit together nicely. I have wanted this puzzle since first reading about it on page 81 of Slocum and Boterman's "Puzzles Old and New" way back when, and I was glad to find a vendor selling it.
Received from, a set of 8 puzzles by "Melissa & Doug" (they're geared towards young kids and I am hoping Emma will enjoy them):
Melissa + Doug - Cube
Melissa + Doug - Burr
Melissa + Doug - Circle
Melissa + Doug - Fishy
Melissa + Doug - Lucky 7
Lucky 7
Melissa + Doug - Space
Melissa + Doug - Star
Melissa + Doug - Tangram
Well, The cube is very simple but still beyond my 5-year old, as is the burr. The cube has the same set of planar pieces as the Diabolical Cube (see Kevin Holmes' Compendium page 3^3-3). The burr uses the following pieces (per Jurg von Kanel's numbering system): (1x) #1, (3x) #256, and (2x) #928. It is very easy to construct.

The Fishy and Space puzzles are beyond her for the moment, though she can get 6 out of the 7 tiles correctly placed in the Space puzzle. She almost got the Star. The Circle and Lucky 7 are her favorites, and she can do the Tangram. We work the circle from the inside out. Quality is fair - I am disappointed only in the Star - the frame has a crack in the surface and the pieces are not precisely shaped. The other puzzles are all bright and colorful.

The following arrived 5/12 from
solved in < 1 min.
quality not great
found alt soln
3D Geometrex
3D Geometrex
solved in < 1 min
but very nice!

I ordered the following from IP (Wayne Daniel): a truncated cube IP - truncated cube and a dual tetrahedron IP - dual tetrahedron
...And they arrived almost immediately! The cube is surprisingly hefty, and very nicely finished. Very unusual piece shapes. Both puzzles are very well made and attractive. Definitely worthwhile additions to my collection (though I solved both of them within minutes).
I received the following from Arabesk (my first experience with them, it was smooth but the order took a while to arrive). Jan Grashuis was helpful and responsive to a question I had.
Alles Roger - Constantin
"Alles Roger" by Constantin
Trickbolt Luxe II - Wil Strijbos
Trickbolt Luxe II by Wil Strijbos
Hanayama - Chain
Chain by Hanayama
Hanayama - Keyring
Keyring by Hanayama
Tetralott - Goetz
Tetralott by Markus Goetz (Philos)
3 pyramid cube
3 Pyramid Cube by Philos

I received the following from Cleverwood: A Hedgehog Cleverwood - Hedgehog and a 7-wood puzzle Cleverwood - 7 Wood

The following arrived from IQPuzzles:
Bilz Box
Bilz Box
Rube's Cubic
Rube's Cubic
AHA Brainteaser Classics
AHA Brainteaser Classics
Alien Hive
Alien Hive
Rush Hour III Expansion
Rush Hour III Expansion
Shape By Shape
Shape By Shape

We made a trip to Mystic CT last Saturday and I found some items in the Aquarium gift shop as well as the Olde Towne shopping area across the street... OctaCube Lucky 7 Puzzables - Whale and Dolphin Wild Republic - 3D Aquatic Puzzles Winning Moves - Instant Insanity

From Rocky Chiaro, I got a Dub-L-Nut Rocky Chiaro - Dub-L-Nut a Dub-L-Wa-Sure Rocky Chiaro - Dub-L-Wa-Sure and Rocky sent me a gift - an AB-L pin puzzle Rocky Chiaro - AB-L Thanks, Rocky! These are really cool - the bolt mechanisms are totally original and clever.
Here are my Rocky bolts so far:
Rocky Chiaro - bolt collection I can't wait until he thinks up another one!
Here is my whole Rocky Chiaro collection so far:
Rocky Chiaro - collection (actually I forgot to include my Roc-Key)

April Fools' Day
I received a surprise today, but a pleasant one - a gift from my colleague Dorenda N. - Jean Claude Constantin's "The Fence" The Fence - Jean Claude Constantin (gift from Dorenda N.) Thanks again, Dorenda!

Early March 2004
From Wings Toys:
Anaconda Cube - Wingstoys $14.99
The Anaconda Cube
TetraCube - Wingstoys $15.99
The TetraCube
Yasumi - Wingstoys $10.99
Khun Phan - WIngstoys $8.99
Khun Phan
Cylinder Puzzle - Wingstoys $9.99
The 4-pc Cylinder Puzzle

From IQ Puzzles:
4-Play 4-Play - IQ Puzzles $15.95 Luke's Lock Luke's Lock - IQ Puzzles $15.95

From LiveWire:
The Astroknot Astroknot - Livewire $14.25 The Mexican Standoff Mexican Standoff - Livewire $13.50 The Slingshot Slingshot - Livewire $14.25 The Eureka Nut and Bolt Eureka Nut and Bolt - Livewire $10.50

Some magic tricks that seem puzzling, from Update: other than the coin prison, which doesn't hold a quarter (!), I didn't like any of these and I cancelled the Mystik Kubik which had been back-ordered. The vendor was OK, but I've learned my lesson - magic tricks are not puzzles!

Late February 2004
A Bogey Ball Bogey Ball (Game Preserve IN $18.95 shipped) An RGB Roundup from Elverson: Elverson Roundup (Elverson Puzzle PA $16.70 shipped)
See this link at Wolfram for more info on dissections.
From Cleverwood, a Brunnenspiel Brunnenspiel (Cleverwood $28) by Markus Goetz, a Bermuda Triangle Bermuda Triangle (Cleverwood $19) and a gift - a "Jumbo Maze Puzzle" jumbo maze - gift from Cleverwood
From Rocky Chiaro, a Pin-N-Nut Pin-N-Nut (Rocky Chiaro $50) a Wun-Wa-sure One-Wa-sure (Rocky Chiaro $50) a One-L-Nut One-L-Nut (Rocky Chiaro $50) and an 8-block Collusion 8-block Collusion (Rocky Chiaro $70)
A SEARious burr from Mr. Puzzle Australia SEARious - Mr. Puzzle Australia ($110AU)

Thinkfun Fifth Chair (gift from Brett) Labyrinth (gift from Brett) Brett, Denise, and Kai visited the weekend of Friday 1/30. Brett brought me a couple of presents, including: Thinkfun's new Fifth Chair puzzle and a plate-and-ring maze called Labyrinth from Brain Baffler IQ Collection (Toys International):

Stabpuzzle (Logika) 2 Scheibenpuzzle (Logika) My family and I made a trip to Cambridge and Boston 12/29/03 with Dad and Beverly, stopping of course at Games People Play. New acquisitions include: Stabpuzzle (stick puzzle) - cheap but lots of fun, and 2-disk puzzle - also cheap but fun

A pentomino set from Logika Pentomino set (Logika) A Soma-like set from Logika Baumeisterspiel (Logika)
Mutando from Logika (like Instant Insanity) Mutando (Logika) Check out Jaap's page on Instant Insanity and Mutando
I finally got (and solved) a Snake and Star disentanglement Snake and Star A ball pyramid from Pussycat: Pyramid (Pussycat)
Also picked up a nice aluminum and steel ball-bearing Peg Solitaire set aluminum Solitaire set
4 "Travel Puzzles" from Game Kingdom: ball in cage, 6x6x6 sticks, star burr, depth charge Game Kingdom Travel Puzzles
Two hand-carved wood puzzles from Thailand: Dragon Dragon (Thailand) and Sphinx Sphinx (Thailand) Here is the Sphinx apart: Sphinx apart This was somewhat of an ordeal, as some pieces were fused by the sloppy shellac on them - but fortunately I separated them without damaging anything.
And a gift from the proprietess - a laser-carved 7-hex puzzle in a CD case 7-hex gift from GPP
I believe this is "Hextra" from Robert Longstaff Workshops.

Hidden Passage We stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner and I found the last of their stock of "Hidden Passage" kumiki cubes from the Mandalay Box Company.

Christmas 2003
Gifts from Mom:
Lucky Clover from B and P Lucky Clover - B and P and from Davan's, a Lili (really nice wood, but impossibly difficult!) Lili
Gifts from Susan/Richie/Jenna:
from Davan's, both very nicely made, a Voluta Voluta and an Ynoa Ynoa
From Puzzlecraft, gifts from LuAnn:
Devil's Half Dove-n Devil's Half Dove-n Devil's Other Half Dove-n Devil's Other Half Dove-n Caged Spheres (in purpleheart wood) Caged Spheres
Karakuri Club 2003 Xmas gift Karakuri Club Xmas 2003
Books from the Karakuri Club: Kamei Catalog Karakuri Club 1 Karakuri Club 2 Okiyama

Fall 2003
Salt and Pepper Shaker Set from Norman and Robert Sandfield (made by Perry MacFarland) Sandfield Salt and Pepper $155

Several I ordered from from George Miller after re-discovering his website:

Other fall acquisitions from various places...
4-step Chinese Puzzle Lock A 4-step Chinese Puzzle Lock from Puzzleboxesusa - fun but dirty (faux distressing) and the leaf ("splitting") spring is somewhat fragile... Here is some info on Chinese puzzle locks.
Tenntoumushi $230 Walk of the Ladybug - the winter humidity fluctuations have not been kind to its mechanism...
From Interlocking Puzzles, a 5 piece tetrahedron (very nice!) 5-piece tetrahedron $80
A Bedlam Cube: Bedlam Cube
A Camera Conundrum from William Waite (Nemmelgeb Murr): Camera Conundrum $191.95
Some building sets from LiveCube LiveCube VERY COOL including a pkg of 216 black cubes, a pkg of colored cubes, and a pkg each of black and green finishing panels.
A Magnacube (from a Christmas store in the Buckland Hills Mall) Magnacube
From the same store, an Alcatraz and a plastic kumiki ball, and a Tricky Triangle (magnetic puzzle) Tricky Triangle

Soon after moving to CT I couldn't wait to re-visit the Games People Play store in Cambridge, now only a little over an hour away. I had been there years ago, taking off work and driving up from NJ on a day trip with two good friends. The store is coming up on its 30th anniversary! This time around, on my first trip from our new CT home, I dragged the wife and kids, but as it turned out we all had a nice time in the area near Harvard. What I picked up includes...

My CT puzzle spree began with an order to Bits and Pieces...

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