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November 2005

Gilbert dexterity set Journet poster

October 2005

Thinkamajig Rubik's Homer Simpson Schmoo Springbok Sweep LogiQubes lot of 20 metal puzzles Surface - JC Constantin 8-color diagonal cube Journet tangles IP - 7 piece truncated cube IP - Patio Block Magic Sphere Bright Brain Ball and Diamond Moon Pi Puzzling Padlock Crux - Haba Honor and Glory slider - Thinkfun Tower of Babble Moron Puzzle King Tut's Pyramid Hoppa Gula Even Steven (blue rods) Disco Color Cubes Uncorked O-Hex button Prison Lost Luggage Hard Core Journet Lucky Seven Journet Divers Journet Television Vess Mystery Puzzle Turnstile - Binary Arts 2x2x3 Rubik-type Curious Cross - blue Berrocal Cariatide Morph 1x2x2 Ryede trick vesta Super Puzzles set Sherm's Nervous Breakdown clown lot of 7 incl Snafooz Katzenjammer blocks Chad Valley red box Adma's Dad's Puzzle Transposer 6 lot w/ Inversion lot of 40 tangles Devil's Dice The Vault Top Box St. Louis World's Fair Expo Key lot of tangles Chad Valley tangle set Bild-a-Bike Unique Checkerboard lot Trickie Trike Square 1 Rubik's Challenge lot with black Pyraminx Kalender Kubus Triamant

September 2005

Masters of Deception book - Seckel Optical Illusions book - Seckel 100 Puzzles: How to Make and Solve Them - Filipiak Pyr-Eye-Mid Perry's Vesta Pyramid Scheme Hess Wire Puzzles Infinity - PuzzleMaster lot with turnstiles Hanayama Laby Hanayama O'Gear Magic Jack and K-Ball Calumet edgematch puzzle Synergistics Wheaties in box Tomy Great Gears Mini Cube Block Set Ultimate Cube I-Qube Gradual Despair blue Prisms set - Ergatoudis new puzzle lock new puzzle lock Parlor Puzzles set 3 lot of 6 Rubik-type puzzles lot of 5 Rubik-type puzzles lot of 45 puzzles (a) lot of 45 puzzles (b) treen ball trick vesta No. 2 Helios No. 4 Labyrinth No. 6 Escargot Chinese tangle X Chinese tangle Y Pyram Rubik's Cube 4th Dimension Executive Jigsaw 9 Post Packing Secret Rectangle Box Scrambled Egg silhouette Last Recreations Puzzle It Out Pillow Cube Square Where Cryptic Classics Find The Escapee sun sliding block Reiss Flat Top Gradual Despair - light yellow Gelenk Holey Squares Hexahedroom Apparently Impossible Cube #1 Castle Money Box K-Ball Braille

August 2005

Cryptex Maxwell's Top Rubik's Game Dice Dominoes Rubik's Cube 4th Dimension Tile-O-Rama tangles set green box Roundy Octacube Yamato Block Miyako Gradual Despair - orange lot including Mattel Force Field Eraser Cube Computer Puzzler No. 3 Screwball Russian robot Journet dexterity lot Journet dexterity lot Mind Bender circle Conway box packing Golf Smarts Pyramid Merritt lot with red domino Merritt lot with red domino Stack Up Vermont Casting maze H Dissection Merritt bolts lot Merritt lot tangles Merritt lot - arms Merritt lot 1043 Binary Burr - Bill Cutler Key - Goh Pit Khiam Cube-It Peppermint Twist Triadenspass - Logika Hook Cube - Philos (Goetz) Framework - Philos (Goetz) Malaga - Philos dovetail cube 007 Shaker U324 Cam Box - Eric Fuller Four Corners (Stewart Coffin) - Mark McCallum Triple Play Perfect Square and Squaring the Circle Star Wars 2x2x2 cube set Fish Torpedo lot with aluminum burr Mind Madness Ball Buvos Golyok Bombing Mystery

July 2005

Waddington's Rectangle Tangle Tool Trouble Ten Yen (orange case) Professor McBrainy Zany Optical Illusion set Pencils Mysterious Ball Loncraine Broxton Crazy Maze set Cryptic Classics Create A Panda brass coin safe Hanayama Radix Cluster Puzzle Set plastic hamburger Little Circles - Waddingtons Reluctant Rectangle - Waddingtons Crazy Cube and dexterity lot Steve Merritt lot with Sputnik lot of 49 lot of 10 Mag-Nif Switch Genius - Milton Bradley logic games lot Crazy Cubes (?) Nervous Breakdown - Cups, Houses Sputnik Geometricks Traveler's Woe - Tucker Jones Freedom's Ring - Tucker Jones Synergistics Cracker Jack Pyrix Smithsonian tangles set WalMart tangles set Target tangles set 2000 Jushbox cube puzzle lot Diamond Dilemma Magic Cube Snake Hoo-Doo Winning Ways For Your Mathematical Plays Vol. 4

June 2005

Mattel BrainDrain Block Shock Nail Jail Damblocks - black version Tomy Row By Row Ball and Chain - Stumpy Originals UMX set - Stumpy Originals Wire Puzzle No. 2 - Stumpy Originals Scrambled Scorpius - Pelikan Broken Sticks - Pelikan Garnet Ball - Pelikan Parlor Puzzles Set #2 4-position Whippit diamond cube It's Knot Easy - Milton Bradley Target tangles 2003 Target tangles 2004 Another Nailbiter Twisted's Sister 3-Nail Combo Loony Loop Planets White City Puzzle Bank Hartley's Egg Chadwick Miller Think Ladder - Uncle's Gilbert Puzzle Parties Mattel Brain Drain Hexagon Sense-a-gone Michelin Man Bibendum keychain Tedco Mirage Numbers Up 6-position Whippit Banana Split Big Shot blue box tanglements set Hard As Nails - Last Nail in the Coffin Buvos Golyok Milton Bradley's Pac-Man Puzzle Dr. Nim - ESR BackSpin and TopSpin U-Haul promo tanglement Eternity Meteor wire puzzle set wooden tanglement #1 wooden tanglement #2 wooden tanglement #3 wooden tanglement #4 wooden tanglement #5 Hanayama Cast Enigma Uncle's Triad Damblocks Link Puzzle Snake Pool Triangle Cube / Pantene TipOver - Thinkfun Eternity Delta Atlantis (Karl Scherer) Butterfly Pendant tanglement Tomy Great Gears LiveCube Waite Allsides Cube

May 2005

Mystery Shapes Rising Mountain Ring on Bolt Trick Peanuts packing Mental Case Dovetail Apple - Lakeside Tee Time - XEX wire puzzles - red box 1934 Chicago World's Fair Egg jigsaw Pentalogics Mind Teaser Set Hi-Q Confusion brass burr Astrolabacus Four Square Indefinity Hi-Q Fusion Dool-O-Rinth green Dool-O-Rinth red Catch the Magic Ring Boxed In - MB

April 2005

Roundabout make a 6-point star make a rectangle with 3 straight cuts Vintage Buster Brown Tanglement Vintage Tanglement IQ Puzzle (Ten Pins) - green Lucky Triangle Lucky Star German Pyramid Pyrra 6-piece Truncated Cube - IP sequential 4-pc Truncated Octahedron - IP Rubik's Domino Eureka Bottle No. 2 Ball Pyramid - Cubikon Color Matrix - Museum Co. Fool\'s Spool Pattern Pending - Parker Bros. Synergistics Miller Beer Can Diamond Mind - Constantin LiveCube Happy Cubes - exploded LiveCube New L-Square puzzle pieces Waddington's Tricky Triangle

March 2005

Tiwn Pentominoes Into a Light Box - IP Lunar Lockout Circle Puzzle Chess Box Snag Box Uncle's Grand Wizard SpongeBob Cube Immaginario Lunare Gradual Despair yellow Dad's Puzzler Zany Contack lot Qwik-Sane That-A-Way - Binary Arts lot of optical illusions Frik-n-Frak assortment Color Cubes Double Cross keychain sphere keychain Lagoon Tri-Puzzle Original Checkerboard Catch of the Day - B & P Mattel Brain Drain series - Checkle Heckle magnetic ball pyramid japanese hexagon Not-a-Pipe Trilogy II - puzzle-factory.com Crazy L - puzzle-factory.com Berrocal Mini-Cristina Step Pyramid Lighter Propeller Ring Trio Paracelsus disk Dodecahedron Box - Kagen Schaefer Garnet - McCallum Lassen Risti Switchboard Burr plastic lot including Mag-Nif Switch lot including Tower Puzzle Trylon R. Rose Triangle Dovetail

February 2005

Triple Cross Peter's Black Hole Rashkey 1 Rashkey 2 Rashkey 3 Crossteaser Brainball Spectra Entrapment KAOS Gerdig UFO Black Box blank cube Soviet Tower Trizam Kohner Lot Psycho Cycle Varikon green Hexsticks wooden cube Lupin and Mine Rubik's Sphere 3 Bar Cube - B & P Stuck Bolt - B & P Tenyo 783 mint Odd Ball - Tucker Jones Springbok Cubits 25th Anniversary Rubik's Cube Skor-Mor Penta-Logics Gradual Despair - green Gradual Despair - red Masudaya Hexagon Mind Exerciser Molecule - Joe Miller Pyrix and Circus Puzzler Pentera Uncle's promo - FLP Dollar Tree set Tomy Rack-Em-Up Pocket Tenyo 22 and 600 Hectix clear Cadaco Cluster - Whimsies dog collar tangle disk and ring tangle boot and flask tangle Automobile sliding puzzle Roundy REMCO Frustration Ball Rubik's lot with Hexagon Slocum's Tangrams book nut and bolt 2-drawer trick box

January 2005

Karin's Star Cluster 3-piece packing puzzle Karin's Outline Burr Burr in a Cube 1 Myopic Doves pieces Tricky Dick Keyhole Conundrum/Enigma Thomasball Frantix Gram's Cube Snafooz-like cubes Slot Machine Drop In Meffert's Dogic I Meffert's Dogic II Screw Loose Beat the Computer 783 Synergistics Chiclets yellow The Chase Reiss 1971 Daffy Dots Massage Ball Perfect Squares Phony Baloney cereal prize Rings of Ming Robin Turner Devil's Marble Two Cubes Dragon String eLogic Cmetrick Too Laker Cubes package Nitty Gritty Xylinder Synergistics New York Times Geometrex Ormazd Geometrex Nabucho William Waite - Double Cross

December 2004

Cornered Cube Brain Benders Timbers Reiss Train Hix Brix Bug House plastic lot Springbok lot Springbok Right Connections Springbok Fitting & Proper Skor-Mor Geo-Logic lot Geo-logic 2-in-1 Octo-Burr Hungarian Rings Stickler Trickbox Hubley Pyramystery Uncle's Puzzles - Compaq special Dodeca Nona - Nob Japan Spinout puzzle box Pepsi Can sliding puzzle Reiss Equilibrium Hippo Haven Pressman Think Through wooden lot Burger Thing - Reiss Prankfurter - Reiss Czech puzzle book Antologica Berrocal

November 2004

lot from Japan lot including Tut's Tomb Digi-Disc Mattel Brain Drains - Profound Round and Mangle Quadrangle Synergistics - Cracker Jack Cadaco Cluster - Doodles pagoda Piston Box - B and P Orbix Gripple burr pendant small cube Multisphere Multisphere Arjeu CT16 Atomic Chaos UFO - Gerdig Virtual Illusion - Mattel Waddington's puzzles Steiffel Tower Alex Randolph's Moebies - Springbok 1973 Dool-O-Rinth yellow lot Pepsi Can bank - Synergistics

October 2004

Double Monad (Yin-Yang) - BandP Magna-Tease 25 Ghosts Starry Skies - Toyo (Mike Green) Tongari Kun and Roppongi - Toyo (Mike Green) Shot You - Toyo (Mike Green) Cadaco - Doodles Bottle 3 - Eureka Amazin' Marble Die Stickman Box No. 5 Ruby's Triangle Nob - Ovals Loony Loop Log Pile Great Pyramid Computer Puzzle (heart) Naef Puzzle (knobs) Skyscraper Skyscraper Lock - Forum Novelties HCP1 - Obsivac Skor Mor Cube Jackpot - Mefferts Olistripe

September 2004

Lot 1 Lot 2 Tamura 12 pc box Binary Arts Hexadecimal Hectix - RWB Hectix - Green Hectix - White Stickler Hi-Q Enigma Cadaco Sports 16 pc packing Cube 2 Tee Bar Cmetrick Adams puzzles Masudaya Geo-Logic Cetus and Tauri Heartwood See-Saw Box Heartwood Rock-It Box Heartwood Terra Box Synergistics LifeSavers Wild Cherry Kwazy Quilt Hershey's Kiss Hoberman Brain Twist Catch 21 Chinese Burrs

August 2004

Pack 6 6 Key Mine - B and P Kamei Secret Key Box - B and P Constantin Box - B and P Slider Puzzle - B and P Slider Box - B and P Netblock UFO - Mefferts Drives You Crazy - Mefferts Creative Ball (black) - Mefferts Obsivac Cube 1 Obsivac Cube 3 Obsivac UFO Rubik's Rings Master Ed. Chaotic Cube Colorcube huge collection hexagon Rubik's Magic Satan's Stirrup Xeon Bungler's Block Hell's Bells Madman's Maze Mosaic Citadel Great American Trading Co. Puzzlemaster, Canada - Annihilator Puzzlemaster, Canada - Derringer Puzzlemaster, Canada - Mirror Image Puzzlemaster, Canada - Scorpion Puzzlemaster, Canada - Scorpion's Sting

July 2004

Lionfish and Seahorse Cadaco Cluster Puzzle #4 Make-Up Mattel Force Field Synergistics Chiclets Ball Pyramid (eq. to Pyramystery) SOMA cubes Berrocal Mini-David Hanayama Bike Hanayama Heart Hanayama Ring 2 Hanayama W-U Lee Valley Puzzle Padlock Berrocal Mini-Maria Berrocal Mini-Maria Eternity FigaBlock Missing Marble Pep-O-Mint LifeSavers Qbism Spears MultiPuzzle Pieces of Eight Ying-Yang Ball Ribbon Keyvos Hanayama L'Oeuf Hanayama Baroq Hanayama Dolce
Hanayama Coral Hanayama Penta Hanayama Tails Hanayama Crab Hanayama Fin Hanayama Tie

June 2004

Rubik's Bricks Rubik's Rings Rubik's Shells Portrait de Michele Mini-Zoraida Venus Key exploded NEWS Biolon (Violin) Disk Spiral MB Drive Ya Nuts Phony Baloney Instant Insanity Kohner Even Steven Kohner Hi-Q Kohner Kwazy Quilt Reiss Licorice Stix Reiss Equilibrium Reiss Star Reiss Torment Woodn't Cross kumiki Kontoor cowboy Quoits 1950's Zenith tanglements icosahedron pieces Lifesavers square in case One Way Pressman ThinkSquare Nice Cubes Kadon Rombix Double Knuckles Figments in box 36 piece packing puzzle Elzzup Soma/Star/Snake set 4 piece tanglements Ancient Key Contoura DaMert Go-Getter 3 NAEF Gemini Ten Pins Wheaties box Corn Egg Ring and Bolt CrackerJack TopSpin Rubikfan Double Rubikfan Triple Missing Link Rubik's Tower Billiards Rainbow Cube

May 2004

Olizoid Kinato Puzzle Blocks Tricky Disky Zen Blocks Block By Block Handy Mad Triad Mad Triad Raging Rapids Square By Square Bandaged Cube - Mefferts Pyramorphix - Mefferts Skewb Diamond - Mefferts Skewb Ultimate - Mefferts Tetraminx - Mefferts Prison Block - BandP Packing Arrows - BandP Waite's Wonder - William Waite Stellar Burr Der Fluch des Pharao BackSpin Culax Log Stacker Camelot Rubik's Snake Stormy Seas Rush Hour 2 Expansion Rush Hour 4 Expansion Rojo Crazy Cube Money Miser Possibly Possible Cross in Ball Prismastar Sandwich Twister 1 Oskar's Matchboxes Melissa + Doug - Cube Melissa + Doug - Burr Melissa + Doug - Circle Melissa + Doug - Fishy Melissa + Doug - Lucky 7 Melissa + Doug - Space Melissa + Doug - Star Melissa + Doug - Tangram Bi-Polar Cerebrum Synapse Neuroblast 3D Geometrex IP - truncated cube IP - dual tetrahedron Alles Roger - Constantin Trickbolt Luxe II - Wil Strijbos Hanayama - Chain Hanayama - Keyring Tetralott - Goetz 3 pyramid cube Cleverwood - Hedgehog Cleverwood - 7 Wood Bilz Box Rube's Cubic AHA Brainteaser Classics Alien Hive Rush Hour III Expansion Shape By Shape Amaze OctaCube Lucky 7 Puzzables - Whale and Dolphin Wild Republic - 3D Aquatic Puzzles Winning Moves - Instant Insanity Rocky Chiaro - Dub-L-Nut Rocky Chiaro - Dub-L-Wa-Sure Rocky Chiaro - AB-L

April 2004

The Fence - Jean Claude Constantin (gift from Dorenda N.)

March 2004

Anaconda Cube - Wingstoys $14.99 TetraCube - Wingstoys $15.99 Yasumi - Wingstoys $10.99 Khun Phan - WIngstoys $8.99 Cylinder Puzzle - Wingstoys $9.99 4-Play - IQ Puzzles $15.95 Luke's Lock - IQ Puzzles $15.95 Astroknot - Livewire $14.25 Mexican Standoff - Livewire $13.50 Slingshot - Livewire $14.25 Eureka Nut and Bolt - Livewire $10.50 Wood Coin Prison - abra4magic.com $9.95

February 2004

Bogey Ball (Game Preserve IN $18.95 shipped) Elverson Roundup (Elverson Puzzle PA $16.70 shipped) Brunnenspiel (Cleverwood $28) Bermuda Triangle (Cleverwood $19) jumbo maze - gift from Cleverwood Pin-N-Nut (Rocky Chiaro $50) One-Wa-sure (Rocky Chiaro $50) One-L-Nut (Rocky Chiaro $50) 8-block Collusion (Rocky Chiaro $70) SEARious - Mr. Puzzle Australia ($110AU) Thinkfun Fifth Chair (gift from Brett) Labyrinth (gift from Brett) Stabpuzzle (Logika) 2 Scheibenpuzzle (Logika) Pentomino set (Logika) Baumeisterspiel (Logika) Mutando (Logika) Snake and Star Pyramid (Pussycat) aluminum Solitaire set Game Kingdom Travel Puzzles Dragon (Thailand) Sphinx (Thailand) 7-hex gift from GPP
Hidden Passage

December 2003

Lucky Clover - B and P Lili Voluta Ynoa Devil's Half Dove-n Devil's Other Half Dove-n Caged Spheres Karakuri Club Xmas 2003 Kamei Catalog Karakuri Club 1 Karakuri Club 2 Okiyama

Fall 2003

Sandfield Salt and Pepper $155 George Miller 4D George Miller Mysterians George Miller Chicago L George Miller Extreme Torture George Miller Sunflower George Miller TriPentaHexagon 4-step Chinese Puzzle Lock Tenntoumushi $230 5-piece tetrahedron $80 Bedlam Cube Camera Conundrum $191.95 LiveCube Magnacube Tricky Triangle r2d2 Enigma Black and White Trumpets Secret Sliding Box Big Wheel Oskar's Cubes Brainstring Kamei Gift Box (BP) Balancing Die Holey Bolt T-Party Torture Chamber Hercules City T-Dof Amazing Puzzle Bank (BP)