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December 2005 - Happy Holidays!

Journet Wire Compendium Allies Flag

Xmas gifts from Mom:

Gripper Granville Duress

The Karakuri Club Christmas 2005 Gifts (4 of 8):

Karakuri Christmas 2005 Karakuri Christmas 2005

Karakuri Christmas 2005 Karakuri Christmas 2005

If you don't care about ruining the fun of opening them yourself, click the button to show them opened (and refresh the page to close them again): 

New items from Eric Fuller's Cubicdissection:

Robert Yarger's Stickman Box No. 9 "Snowflake":

Stickman #9 Snowflake Stickman #9 Snowflake Stickman #9 Snowflake

Oskar's Matchboxes by Eric Fuller:  Oskar's Matchboxes (Fuller) Oskar's Matchboxes (Fuller)

Tamura's Divide Cube in Rosewood by Fuller:  Tamura Divide Cube (Fuller) Tamura Divide Cube (Fuller) Tamura Divide Cube (Fuller)

A Christmas order from Hendrick Haak, some puzzles in Aluminum by Roger:

Schraubenwuerfel Schluessel Eis

Tucker Jones Painted Lady Odd Ball Basketball Rotos Intelligence Puzzler Die Hungarian UFO German lot incl Logi-VIP Chain16 Journet Alice in Puzzleland White Wonderful Puzzler Port to Port - Binary Arts
I finally completely disassembled, photographed, and reassembled my Immaginario Lunare.
I wrote a new section on shunting puzzles.

Boomdas Color Cubes Learningsmith Nuts and Bolts Danley Quest Set Odd Ball - Union Carbide Merritt wooden lot tangles set of 3 Square Up lot of wire puzzles

A set of Mag-Nif Mighty Midget puzzles:

Mighty Midget Mighty Midget Mighty Midget Mighty Midget Mighty Midget Mighty Midget

November 2005

I've finally split up the allother page - it had so many images, not all of them were loading before timeout. I've created a separate page for Dexterity Puzzles.

I have considerably enhanced my section on R. Journet dexterity puzzles.

I have added a lot of images to the Tanglements page - I may have to split up that page, too, soon...

I have added a condensed What's New page.

Toyo On the Rocks Spiral Madness Impuzzleble Harry Potter Mirror Give It Wings Block the Rods game Journet Golf Journet Rocky Mountains Puzzle Museum No. 2 Puzzle Museum No. 3 Puzzle Museum No. 4 Krazi Kubes
From the Karakuri Club, a Hermit Crab Box:  Hermit Crab Box  and a Karakuri Small Box No. 1:  Karakuri Small Box No. 1
From Eric Fuller at Cubicdissection:

Meijer Box Meijer Box Haselgrove Box (Eric Fuller) Haselgrove Box (Eric Fuller) Punch Cards - Tom Lensch Punch Cards - Tom Lensch Schaekel Knot - Eric Fuller - Kingwood

Some more Journet puzzles:

Journet Compendium Journet Slippery Slabs Journet Aero

Those Blocks JC Constantin Diamond Soul Skor Mor Thinker Series set Angle Mania

Journet poster Journet poster

Gilbert dexterity set Journet poster

October 2005

Thinkamajig Rubik's Homer Simpson Schmoo Springbok Sweep LogiQubes lot of 20 metal puzzles

Surface - JC Constantin 8-color diagonal cube Journet tangles Journet tangles

A 7-piece truncated cube, and a "Patio Block" from IP (who are, sadly, taking a hiatus from puzzle-making):

IP - 7 piece truncated cube IP - 7 piece truncated cube IP - Patio Block IP - Patio Block

A "Magic Sphere" and "Bright Brain Ball and Diamond" from PhysLink.com.

Magic Sphere Bright Brain Ball and Diamond

Moon Pi This is a sculpture puzzle called "Moon Pi" made by the artist Bathsheba Grossman, using a direct-metal 3-D printing process (Ex One / Prometal) driven by a CAD design. I learned about it via James Dalgety's Hordern-Dalgety Puzzle Museum site. James (and others) say it is very hard to assemble. We'll see.

Puzzling Padlock This is an "Utterly Unique Puzzling Padlock" purchased from Frik-n-Frak's Curio Shack.

Crux - Haba Honor and Glory slider - Thinkfun
Some cool stuff from Mike Green:

Tower of Babble Moron Puzzle King Tut's Pyramid Hoppa Gula Even Steven (blue rods) Disco Color Cubes

From Bits and Pieces:

Uncorked O-Hex button Prison Lost Luggage Hard Core

Journet Lucky Seven Journet Divers Journet Television

Vess Mystery Puzzle Turnstile - Binary Arts 2x2x3 Rubik-type Curious Cross - blue Berrocal Cariatide Morph 1x2x2

Ryede trick vesta Super Puzzles set Sherm's Nervous Breakdown clown lot of 7 incl Snafooz Katzenjammer blocks Chad Valley red box Adma's Dad's Puzzle Transposer 6 lot w/ Inversion lot of 40 tangles Devil's Dice

The Vault Top Box St. Louis World's Fair Expo Key lot of tangles Chad Valley tangle set Bild-a-Bike Unique Checkerboard lot Trickie Trike

Square 1 Rubik's Challenge lot with black Pyraminx Kalender Kubus

A Triamant folding "puzzle"  Triamant Triamant

September 2005

Masters of Deception book - Seckel Optical Illusions book - Seckel

100 Puzzles: How to Make and Solve Them - Filipiak Pyr-Eye-Mid Perry's Vesta Perry's Vesta Pyramid Scheme Hess Wire Puzzles Infinity - PuzzleMaster lot with turnstiles Hanayama Laby Hanayama O'Gear Magic Jack and K-Ball
Calumet edgematch puzzle According to Slocum and Botermans in their book "Puzzles Old and New" (1986 Plenary Publications), the first edge-matching puzzle was patented by E.L. Thurston in 1893, and used by Calumet as advertising for their products.
Synergistics Wheaties in box Tomy Great Gears Mini Cube Block Set Ultimate Cube I-Qube Gradual Despair blue Prisms set - Ergatoudis new puzzle lock new puzzle lock Parlor Puzzles set 3
lot of 6 Rubik-type puzzles lot of 5 Rubik-type puzzles lot of 45 puzzles (a) lot of 45 puzzles (b)
treen ball This is an example of the vintage "Ebony Puzzle Ball" described in Hoffmann. The circular engravings are supposed to disguise the opening.
This is a trick match-case (vesta), with an engraving "How the Devil do you open it?" This is an example of the "Ne Plus Ultra" mechanism described by Hoffmann.

trick vesta trick vesta trick vesta

Three Japanese Five Chinese puzzles, from a vendor in France:

No. 2 Helios No. 4 Labyrinth No. 6 Escargot Chinese tangle X Chinese tangle Y

Pyram Rubik's Cube 4th Dimension Executive Jigsaw

From Bits & Pieces:  9 Post Packing Secret Rectangle Box

My Two-Ns Cube made it to Ishino's site.
Scrambled Egg silhouette Last Recreations Puzzle It Out Pillow Cube Square Where Cryptic Classics Find The Escapee sun sliding block

Reiss Flat Top Gradual Despair - light yellow    Gelenk Gelenk

From Eric Fuller:  Holey Squares Hexahedroom Apparently Impossible Cube #1

Castle Money Box K-Ball Braille

August 2005

This is a Cryptex from Encrypta Gifts.

Cryptex Cryptex Cryptex Cryptex

Maxwell's Top Not exactly a puzzle, but pretty cool anyway - I'm getting a Maxwell's Top from Lee Valley. Read more about Maxwell's Top here and here.

I'd never heard of Maxwell's Top before I discovered references to it while looking for references to a particular puzzle book called Engineer Through the Looking Glass. Chapter 4 is available on-line as a PDF.

I finally updated my Books page. Check it out for a link to a free puzzle book you can get.

Rubik's Game Dice Dominoes
Rubik's Cube 4th Dimension Tile-O-Rama tangles set green box Roundy Octacube

Yamato Block Yamato Block    Miyako Miyako

Gradual Despair - orange lot including Mattel Force Field Eraser Cube Computer Puzzler No. 3 Screwball

Russian robot Russian robot Journet dexterity lot Journet dexterity lot

Gifts from Brett:

Mind Bender circle Conway box packing Golf Smarts Pyramid

Merritt lot with red domino Merritt lot with red domino Stack Up Vermont Casting maze H Dissection Merritt bolts lot Merritt lot tangles Merritt lot - arms Merritt lot 1043

From Bill Cutler, a Binary Burr and a Key:

Binary Burr - Bill Cutler Key - Goh Pit Khiam Key - Goh Pit Khiam

A Cube-It magnetic puzzle:

Cube-It Cube-It

From Games People Play, a Peppermint Twist, a Logika Triadenspass, a Philos Hook Cube, Framework, and Malaga, a dovetail cube (name unknown), a 007 Shaker, and a "No. U324":

Peppermint Twist Triadenspass - Logika Hook Cube - Philos (Goetz) Framework - Philos (Goetz) Malaga - Philos dovetail cube 007 Shaker U324

From Cubicdissection, a Cam Box, Augmented Four Corners, and Triple Play:

Cam Box - Eric Fuller Cam Box - Eric Fuller Four Corners (Stewart Coffin) - Mark McCallum Triple Play

Perfect Square and Squaring the Circle Star Wars 2x2x2 cube set Fish Torpedo lot with aluminum burr Mind Madness Ball Buvos Golyok

A 1943 "Bombing Mystery" puzzle - make a square from all the pieces:

Bombing Mystery Bombing Mystery Bombing Mystery

July 2005

Waddington's Rectangle Tangle Tool Trouble Ten Yen (orange case) Professor McBrainy Zany Optical Illusion set Pencils Mysterious Ball Loncraine Broxton Crazy Maze set Cryptic Classics Create A Panda brass coin safe

I thought it would be fun to put a "What I'm working on lately" section on my home page.

I had ordered two puzzles from Puzzlecraft, but they never arrived. I made several attempts to contact them, by phone and by e-mail, but they never got back to me with any response whatsoever. I am mystified by their behavior, and I had no choice but to cancel the charge. I am still wondering what happened, and I am disinclined to do business with them again.

Hanayama Radix Cluster Puzzle Set plastic hamburger Little Circles - Waddingtons Reluctant Rectangle - Waddingtons Crazy Cube and dexterity lot Steve Merritt lot with Sputnik lot of 49 lot of 10 Mag-Nif Switch Genius - Milton Bradley logic games lot

Included in the above were a set of what I believe are "Crazy Cubes" (in the Instant Insanity family):  Crazy Cubes (?)

and a couple of Nervous Breakdown dexterity puzzles:  Nervous Breakdown - Cups, Houses

as well as an original 1950's Sputnik weave-type (Crossed Sticks family) puzzle:  Sputnik

A "Geometricks" book with punch-out dissection problems:  Geometricks Geometricks

Tucker Jones' Traveler's Woe and Freedom's Ring:  Traveler's Woe - Tucker Jones Freedom's Ring - Tucker Jones

Extra Synergistics Cracker Jack and Pyrix:  Synergistics Cracker Jack Pyrix

Smithsonian tangles set WalMart tangles set Target tangles set 2000 Jushbox cube puzzle lot

Diamond Dilemma Diamond Dilemma Diamond Dilemma Magic Cube Snake Magic Cube Snake

Hoo-Doo from Tryne:  Hoo-Doo Hoo-Doo

Winning Ways For Your Mathematical Plays Vol. 4:  Winning Ways For Your Mathematical Plays Vol. 4

June 2005

Mattel BrainDrain Block Shock Nail Jail

Damblocks - black version Tomy Row By Row

From Stumpy OriginalsBall and Chain - Stumpy Originals UMX set - Stumpy Originals Wire Puzzle No. 2 - Stumpy Originals

From Pelikan, courtesy of Bernhard Schweitzer:  Scrambled Scorpius - Pelikan Broken Sticks - Pelikan Garnet Ball - Pelikan

Bernhard recently related the very sad news of Joseph Pelikan's death.

Parlor Puzzles Set #2, a 4-position Whippit, a Rubik's diamond-shaped puzzle, Milton Bradley's It's Knot Easy:

Parlor Puzzles Set #2 4-position Whippit diamond cube It's Knot Easy - Milton Bradley

Target stores' tanglement sets from 2003 and 2004:  Target tangles 2003 Target tangles 2003 Target tangles 2004

From Mr. Puzzle AustraliaAnother Nailbiter Twisted's Sister

From Puzzlesdownunder3-Nail Combo Loony Loop Planets

An 1893 White City Puzzle Bank:  White City Puzzle Bank White City Puzzle Bank White City Puzzle Bank

A Hartley's Humpty Dumpty Egg puzzle:  Hartley's Egg Hartley's Egg   A vintage Chadwick Miller "Think" puzzle:  Chadwick Miller Think

Uncle's Ladder:  Ladder - Uncle's   A vintage Gilbert Puzzle Parties boxed set:  Gilbert Puzzle Parties

Mattel Brain Drain Hexagon Sense-a-gone:  Mattel Brain Drain Hexagon Sense-a-gone   A Michelin Man (Bibendum) keychain puzzle:  Michelin Man Bibendum keychain   Tedco Mirage Numbers Up:  Tedco Mirage Numbers Up

A 6-position Whippit:  6-position Whippit   A 1970's vintage Banana Split:  Banana Split

Some tanglements:  Big Shot blue box tanglements set Hard As Nails - Last Nail in the Coffin

A Buvos Golyok (Instant Insanity family):  Buvos Golyok   Milton Bradley's Pac-Man puzzle:  Milton Bradley's Pac-Man Puzzle

A vintage Dr. Nim:  Dr. Nim - ESR Dr. Nim - ESR   A BackSpin and TopSpin (cheap):  BackSpin and TopSpin

A vintage U-Haul promo tanglement:  U-Haul promo tanglement

An Eternity Meteor:  Eternity Meteor   A set of wire puzzles:  wire puzzle set

A set of 5 wooden tanglements:

wooden tanglement #1 wooden tanglement #2 wooden tanglement #3 wooden tanglement #4 wooden tanglement #5

(I've since seen these "Stumps Puzzles" on the IQ Puzzles site. It looks like I've obtained A, F, L, M, and N.)

A Hanayama Cast Enigma and an Uncle's Triad:  Hanayama Cast Enigma Uncle's Triad

Damblocks (in the Instant Insanity family), and a Link Puzzle:  Damblocks Link Puzzle

Ah, summer is almost here! We'll be breaking ground on a new swimming pool soon. I have updated most of the pages with new stuff - the count is somewhere over 1100 items now.

From Brilliant Games and Puzzles, a Snake Pool and a Triangle Cube (aka Pantene):

Snake Pool Triangle Cube / Pantene Triangle Cube / Pantene

Thinkfun's TipOver from Stewart ToysTipOver - Thinkfun

Eternity Delta Atlantis (Karl Scherer) Butterfly Pendant tanglement Tomy Great Gears

Made a LiveCube version of William Waite's clever Allsides Cube:

LiveCube Waite Allsides Cube Waite's Allsides Cube

May 2005

Happy Memorial Day!

Got another copy of Binary Arts' Mystery Shapes designed by Oskar van Deventer, Rising Mountain stacking puzzle from Brilliant Games and Puzzles, took a chance on another magic trick - Ring on Bolt, a Peanuts packing puzzle, the Mental Case from Frik 'n' Frak, another Dovetail by Reiss (my other one was "chewed"), a lot including an Apple by Lakeside, Tee Time from XEX, another set of wire puzzles, and a 1934 Chicago World's Fair Egg jigsaw.

Note regarding the Ring-on-Bolt trick - don't bother. I should have learned my lesson by now about magic tricks not making good puzzles, but hope springs eternal :-)

Mystery Shapes Rising Mountain Ring on Bolt Trick Peanuts packing Mental Case Dovetail Apple - Lakeside Tee Time - XEX wire puzzles - red box 1934 Chicago World's Fair Egg jigsaw

Spring clean-up on several pages. Lots of new stuff on the Tanglements page, including some vintage puzzles and better pics of hard wire puzzles. I need to do a new count soon...

Got another set of Geo-Logic Penta-Logics, and a set of 3 tanglements. Pentalogics    Mind Teaser Set

Hi-Q Confusion:  Hi-Q Confusion brass burr:  brass burr

Astrolabacus:  Astrolabacus Four Square:  Four Square Indefinity:  Indefinity

Hi-Q Fusion:  Hi-Q Fusion

a Green Dool-O-Rinth  Dool-O-Rinth green and a "Red" Dool-O-Rinth:  Dool-O-Rinth red

Catch the Magic Ring:  Catch the Magic Ring     A complete Boxed In by Milton Bradley:  Boxed In - MB

April 2005

Received from puzzlefactory.com:

Roundabout make a 6-point star make a rectangle with 3 straight cuts

Vintage Buster Brown Tanglement Vintage Tanglement IQ Puzzle (Ten Pins) - green Lucky Triangle Lucky Star German Pyramid Pyrra

Received a 6-piece Truncated Cube in Paduak wood (beautiful!) from IP:  6-piece Truncated Cube - IP

Also from IP, a sequential 4-piece Truncated Octahedron in Maple:  sequential 4-pc Truncated Octahedron - IP

I finally won a Rubik's Domino:  Rubik's Domino

Eureka Bottle No. 2 Ball Pyramid - Cubikon Color Matrix - Museum Co.

A Fool's Spool (in a lot), Pattern Pending Cubes from Parker Bros., a Synergistics Miller Beer Can, and the Diamond Mind by Constantin.

Fool\'s Spool Pattern Pending - Parker Bros. Synergistics Miller Beer Can Diamond Mind - Constantin

LiveCube Happy Cubes - exploded LiveCube New L-Square puzzle pieces I finally received some back-issues of the CFF newsletter I had ordered, and I have been trying some of the designs using LiveCube. See my Homemade page...

Just won a Waddington's Tricky Triangle:  Waddington's Tricky Triangle

March 2005

From a trade with P.F. Ramos, a Twin Pentominoes Into a Light Box, of his own design, made by IP:

Tiwn Pentominoes Into a Light Box - IP

From auction:

Lunar Lockout Circle Puzzle Chess Box Snag Box Uncle's Grand Wizard SpongeBob Cube

Received Franco Rocco's Immaginario Lunare from James Dalgety:  Immaginario Lunare

Found a Gradual Despair Yellow  Gradual Despair yellow
From auction:

Dad's Puzzler Zany Contack lot

Qwik-Sane That-A-Way - Binary Arts lot of optical illusions

Frik-n-Frak assortment Color Cubes Double Cross keychain sphere keychain This assortment from Frik-n-Frak includes a Color Cubes, and a couple of key chain puzzles.

Lagoon Tri-Puzzle Original Checkerboard Catch of the Day - B & P

Mattel Brain Drain series - Checkle Heckle magnetic ball pyramid japanese hexagon

Ordered a "Not A Pipe" silhouette puzzle-in-a-matchbox from toymobile.com  Not-a-Pipe

They were out of the Make-A-Heart.

From puzzle-factory.com, a Trilogy II Trilogy II - puzzle-factory.com and a Crazy L Crazy L - puzzle-factory.com

A Berrocal Mini-Cristina:  Berrocal Mini-Cristina

From Arabesk, Step Pyramid Lighter Propeller Ring Trio

The Les Jeux du Roy Knight and Bishop were 3D jigsaws so I elected to forgo them, and the Constantin Surface was out of stock.

A Paracelsus puzzle:  Paracelsus disk

Added a new page showing what's in the cabinet. Added a textual menu to the bottom of the home page to improve search engine indexing (thanks, Greg).

Kagen Schaefer's multiple-award-winning Dodecahedron Box:  Dodecahedron Box - Kagen Schaefer

Some new items from Cubicdissection:

Garnet - McCallum Lassen Risti Lassen Risti Switchboard Burr Switchboard Burr

An auction lot including Mag-Nif's Switch and an Orb (not shown):  plastic lot including Mag-Nif Switch

Dozens of new links on my Links page...
lot including Tower Puzzle Trylon

R. Rose Triangle Dovetail From R.D. Rose, this beautifully made Triple Dovetail Triangle.

February 2005

Got some more LiveCube - found some new designs to try and updated my Homemade page. Also updated the Wish List page with a Twisty Polyhedra section. Reorganized some of the sections and expanded the ring menu on my home page. Included a shot of my curio cabinet containing nicer puzzles, sculptures, and mineral specimens.

To reduce this page's load time, I have removed the pre-2005 What's New items.

Ordered some of the "twisty" puzzles I was missing...

Triple Cross Peter's Black Hole Rashkey 1 Rashkey 2 Rashkey 3 Crossteaser Brainball Spectra Entrapment KAOS Gerdig UFO

Found another item on my wish list... Black Box   This is the Black Box designed by W.L. van der Poel. Peter Knoppers has some info on his site. It is discussed in CFF, issue 25, part 3, December 1990, pp 4-7.

Auction wins...

blank cube several blank cubes

Soviet Tower Trizam Kohner Lot Psycho Cycle Varikon green Hexsticks wooden cube

A pair of tangled anime figures:  Lupin and Mine Lupin and Mine Lupin and Mine

A Rubik's Sphere:  Rubik's Sphere Rubik's Sphere

3 Bar Cube - B & P Stuck Bolt - B & P Tenyo 783 mint Odd Ball - Tucker Jones Springbok Cubits 25th Anniversary Rubik's Cube Skor-Mor Penta-Logics

Gradual Despair - green Kelvin Palmer was cruel enough to send me another product of his father's devious mind - a green "Gradual Despair" puzzle. It comprises only 15 pieces but I remain stumped for now...

I found a red Gradual Despair on auction:  Gradual Despair - red I solved it, with a hint. But I think the red is easier than the green. It says there are 6 puzzles in the series - different colors and subjects.

Masudaya Hexagon Mind Exerciser Here is a better pic of the Masudaya Hexagon Mind Exerciser. It has six hexagonal pieces which must be arranged according to rules like Instant Insanity. I solved it using the graphical technique.

I got a Molecule puzzle from Joe MillerMolecule - Joe Miller

Pyrix and a Circus Puzzler:  Pyrix and Circus Puzzler

Pentera:  Pentera Pentera Pentera

A pomotional Uncle's Puzzle - "Front Line Partnership" (FLP):  Uncle's promo - FLP

A set of three Dollar Tree puzzles (Hexagon, Fancy Square, and The Knot):  Dollar Tree set

Tomy's Rack-Em-Up pocket edition:  Tomy Rack-Em-Up Pocket    Tenyo's #22 and #600:  Tenyo 22 and 600

A clear version of the 3M Hectix:  Hectix clear

And I finally found a Cadaco Cluster Whimsies to complete my set:  Cadaco Cluster - Whimsies

I have obtained several old-time tanglement puzzles and a sliding-piece puzzle:

dog collar tangle disk and ring tangle boot and flask tangle Automobile sliding puzzle

A Roundy:  Roundy    A REMCO Frustration Ball (dexterity puzzle):  REMCO Frustration Ball

A group of Rubik's Cube-type puzzles (mainly for the Hexagon 6 piece):  Rubik's lot with Hexagon

Jerry Slocum's new Tangram book:  Slocum's Tangrams book    A nut and bolt (the classic mechanism):  nut and bolt

A 2-drawer trick box:  2-drawer trick box

January 29 2005 - The New York Puzzle Party

Tom Cutrofello hosted a puzzle party in New York city. There were about 30 attendees, with presentations on various topics throughout the day, puzzle swapping and buying/selling, and puzzle talk. I had a great time and got to meet several "puzzle celebrities." Kudos to Tom for organizing and pulling off a very pleasant event!

Here is a link to some photos of the event, taken by my friend Brett and his father.

I brought along a selection of duplicates and other items for show and trade, and was able to pick up some fun additions to my collection:

From Jurg and Karin von Kaenel:

Karin's Star Cluster 3-piece packing puzzle [see IPP 24 entries]  Karin's Outline Burr Karin's Outline Burr  Burr in a Cube 1 Burr in a Cube

From Rick Eason:

Myopic Doves Myopic Doves pieces Myopic Doves   Tricky Dick Tricky Dick   Keyhole Keyhole

From Norman Sandfield:

Conundrum/Enigma [Jaap's Enigma page]  Thomasball [Thomas-ball official site]  [Jaap's page] 

Frantix [John Rausch's Frantix page]  Gram's Cube Snafooz-like cubes

From Henry Strout:

Slot Machine

From Saul Bobroff:

Drop In

January 2005 - Happy New Year!

I received new Dogics from Meffert's! They're offering several types of coloring. I got a type I and II.

Meffert's Dogic I Meffert's Dogic II

I finally found a Screw Loose. I had one of these as a kid. Screw Loose

Other auction wins:

Beat the Computer 783 Synergistics Chiclets yellow The Chase Reiss 1971 Daffy Dots Massage Ball Perfect Squares Phony Baloney cereal prize Rings of Ming Robin Turner Devil's Marble Two Cubes Dragon String

eLogic Cmetrick Too Ordered a Cmetrick Too from eLogIQ. One went for over $35 in auction, but they're $22 with shipping from the manufacturer's site.

Laker Cubes pieces Laker Cubes package Nitty Gritty Xylinder Synergistics New York Times Geometrex Ormazd Geometrex Nabucho
William Waite - Double Cross I received a "Double Cross" (without the tray) from William Waite (Nemmelgeb Murr). I think I actually prefer it without the tray - the pieces mate tightly and seem like they would be difficult to manipulate if they were in a tray.